***Research Project in Progress***

  • Mining Social Media for Cyberbullying Detection
  • Opinion Mining in Social Networks for Taiwan Campaign Prediction (透過社群網絡意見探勘以預測台灣大選結果)



​My research Interests including:

1. Web Mining (Particular in Web Usage Mining and User's Behviour Discovery)

2. Data Mining

3. Social Networks Analysis, Social Networks Mining, Social Recommendation

4. Artificial Intelligence in Games

5. E-learning and Knowledge Management


We have following datasets for you to request, please contact

​1. Facebook dataset (2000 Taiwanese users, mostly in Chinese language )

2. Plurk dataset (around 1000 Taiwanses users)

3. IMDB dataset



1. Face Your Book Social Search System (

2. Fans Page Data to User-Matrix (This system will generate a DL data, which can be input to UCINET software for analyze)


Social Network Related Conferences: