• 2017/August-2019.July, Applying Social Network Mining for the Discovery of Cyberbullying, 106-2410-H-390 -011 -MY2, NT.1,268,000
  • 2014/August-2017.July, Applying Social Network Mining to Discover The Effect of Spiral of Silence-Detection and Discovery Technique, The Comparative Study of Different Platforms and Cultures, The Empirical Study., 103-2410-H-390 -019 -MY3, NT. 1,763,000
  • 2012/August-2014/July, A Research of Social Search Technique based on Social Networks Analysis ,101-2410-H-390-003-MY2, NT.1,176,000
  • 2011/August-2012/July, Constructing a recommendation system based on analyzing microblog message and social networks structure, 100-2410-H-390-004-, NT.393,000
  • 2011/January-2012/December, A research of smoke shroud simulation system (II),NSC 100-2623-E-390-001-D, NT.1,190,000
  • 2010/August-2011/July, Applying Social Network Analysis and Web Mining Techniques for Discovering Hate Groups in the Blogosphere , NSC 99-2410-H-390-029-, NT.593,000
  • 2010/January-2010/December, A research of smoke shroud simulation system, NSC 99-2623-E-390-001-D, NT.1,397,000
  • 2009/January-2009/December, Construction and Analyzing Innovation Networks of Traditional Industry in Southern Taiwan, NT. 500000, Research Project of MIRDC, TAIWAN
  • 2008/November-2009/October, A study of constructing a decision support system base on dynamic and task-oriented social networking, NSC 97-2410-H-390-022, NT.887615, Research Project of National Science Committee, TAIWAN